Easy & Cheap Backyard Fence Ideas

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If you are someone who just moved into a new house and wants to create a backyard fence that will not break the bank, then you are in luck!

A fence is the perfect way to draw that privacy line while creating a statement piece around the perimeter of your home. A lot of people invest thousands into creating the perfect fence. However, you really do not need to spend butt-loads of cash into something you can easily create yourself!

Not all of the ideas we are going to mention here are DIY however they are cheap and fun to do. We hope you find all the ideas mentioned below helpful for your cause.

1. A split railed fence is one of the fanciest looking perimeter borders you can have in your backyard.

The split railed fence is also really great if you happen to have pets around. The mesh in-between the fences do a really good job in keeping animals inside the yard.

Speaking of which, not only can your own pets not leave the vicinity, other animals will also have a super hard time in infiltrating your backyard. Hence, this fence style is both pretty and very safe to have around.

2. If you want a fence that restricts outside view into the house, then we suggest you go for a Hog Wire fencing style.

This fencing style makes use of large wood pieces and/or concrete so that nothing can be seen from below. On the top of the fence, there will be a mesh wire system which will restrict anything from getting inside through the top.

You can easily build this kind of fence yourself, but you might need to do some proper planning beforehand. Hence, if you are going to DIY the entire thing away, make sure to take proper measurements at first.

On the other hand, if you want you can also just call for professional builders who will build up the fence for you. This alternative can be a little costly; however it will also be more accurate and allow you to supervise properly as well.

3. Another fun and aesthetically pleasing fencing style is the chain link design. This is ideal if you live in a nice looking neighborhood yet want some extra protection without ruining the visuals of your property.

The chain link design is not hard to figure out at all so you can pretty much wing it yourself. The wooden posts supporting the fence makes the entire property look gorgeous and attractive.

On the other hand, this kind of fencing style is also very versatile since you can easily create vertical gardens against the fence. You can also easily hang decorative pieces on this kind of backyard fence.

4. If you want to separate one part of your backyard from the rest of it, then we recommend you go for veggie fences.

This style of fencing is similar to the previous chain link fence style, however it is created within a backyard and not around one.

Hence, this fencing style is appropriate if you want to create a bit of definition and separate a part of your backyard from the rest of it. This way, you can easily create a small garden or pool side in the middle or side of the backyard.

If you want, you can also throw in some pretty chairs and tables to turn a specific part of your backyard into a tea corner. Paint the fence around the tea corner in a soft pastel color to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

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5. If you are willing to invest a tad bit more into your fencing endeavors, then you might want to build a fence with concrete instead of the usual wooden blocks.

Not only is concrete more sturdy and durable, but it can also be great for privacy control while looking very chic at the same time. A lot of people now go for differently leveled concrete fences so that they look at bit more professional and aesthetic.

On the other hand, you can also paint those concrete blocks in different shades of gold, silver and black so that it looks more professional and well put. Try installing some LED strips on the ground so that they light up the fence at night. Trust us, the lights will make your property look much more beautiful than it already is!

6. Lastly, if you do not want to invest too much into fences and are only looking for something temporary for the moment, then you should go for pallet fences.

Pallet fences are both affordable and take up almost no time at all for set up. You will not even be required to watch tutorials to set up your very own pallet fence, it is that easy!

Small houses with small backyards look the prettiest with pallet fences, as they add that extra oomph into the property. If you want, you can go a step further and paint those pallets with vibrant colors so that your house looks more unique and cute than any other property in the neighborhood!


Who said protecting your home has to be boring? Make it all better by installing eye catching and budget friendly fences in your backyard. Not only will your backyard look pretty and attractive for future hangouts, but the fences will also work to keep your property safe from outside harm.

Fences are also a great way in keeping pets and young kids from leaving the vicinity. Hence, you should always consider putting up fences around your house and backyard if you have pets and kids around.

We really hope you liked the ideas we mentioned in this article and that they proved to be of some help to you and to your loved ones.

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