10 Outdoor Shade Ideas for Your Deck or Patio

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When you have a deck or a patio, there are times that you want to decorate it with different styles and shades to give a different look to it. But guess what, all the ideas can get so messed up that you end up getting confused.

So, if you are someone who is struggling to add shade to a small area back in your yard, then we have got some of the best backyard shade ideas for you.

You can use any of the following ideas and bring the ideas into existence.

Purchase patio umbrella/s

Patio umbrella is stated to be a perennial favorite among all. Not only that, it is also the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to get shade in your patio. You can add extra-large umbrella as it will provide the shade right where you want. Majority of the umbrellas are quite portable, so you can alter the design as well.

It also does not take much time to drop the umbrella through the hole at the table’s center. Another great option would be adding as much umbrellas as you want. Not only they will give a great coverage but also accommodate bigger seating settings.

How to Secure Patio Umbrella from Falling Over

Pick Pergola

If you live in area that is exposed to strong sunlight, then pergolas can be one of the best outdoor shade ideas. They do not cut sunlight completely because of grid-like roof but they add more shade than partial. And you will also have options to hang screens or curtains to block the glaring sunrays. If you want more shade, then you can cover the roof with a cotton canvas tarp. Besides, pergolas come in different styles and structures that go with any kind of patio or deck.

Pay for a popup canopy

Popup canopies are not only very elegant, but also one of the most perfect, convenient and inexpensive patio shade ideas. If you want a shade that you want to install into your patio and then take it down, pop up canopy will be a great pick. Not only it is easy to assemble and dissemble but also easier to carry.  Popup canopies are also great in offering additional shade for outdoor events in patio to accommodate large guests. Not just that, they are also ideal for offering temporary shade over play areas.

Awesome awnings:

Awnings are attached to the structure directly so that they can offer protection from rain as well as sun. You will find a variety of colorful fabrics available in the market that will add class and color to the deck or patio. You will need to set up a retractable model and decide if you wish to cool off under the shade or bask in the sun.

No matter what model you pick, make sure it is made of metal or fabric since they will be more long-lasting than other materials.

Trees treats:

Albeit it will require your patience to plant tree and let it grow, but if you look at the cost, it’s the most budget friendly option. Not only that, it is also one of the best eco-friendly deck shade ideas you can have for your yard setting.

Yes, there will a lot of responsibilities since you have to maintain and care for them that include leaves out of the gutters, roots out of the sewer pipes and what not but it will provide you with several benefits. Having trees will not only give a natural roof to your patio and deck but also will raise the value of your home and lower your home energy expense.

If you aren’t ready for handling a whole tree, you can think of planting tall shrubs. You can also build a latticework screen and allow vines to climb it. Vines and shrubs grow quite faster and they also need less upkeep.

Get a Gazebo

This is another more of a permanent structure that you can construct in your patio. It will create a shady sanctuary and protect you from harmful rays. Gazebo is also ideal where you can have you your morning coffee, relax with a friend, collect your thoughts or host a dinner party. You can add extra appealing retreat as well by training vines to grow up lattice-work along the sides or hanging  flower boxes around the outer area.

Bamboo grove border:

If you want both shade and privacy, then you can think of planting bamboo grove since it is the fast growing grass and offers both the perks. You can opt for clumping bamboo that will not give off rhizomes and take over the patio like running bamboo does. This will let the plant bamboo give privacy and shade along fences or around the patio without dispersing into other areas.

Put up Palapas:

Palapas are mostly fabricated from bamboo. They have a thatched roof and tend to offer plenty of shade. Palapas are designed in such that it gives tropical vibe. So, if you want to create a tropical paradise back in your yard and enjoy the shade, then palapas can be a great pick to have.

Have hoop shades:

A hoop shade is mostly seen in a field that works more to protect the crops. It is a bit like a blend between a tent and canopy but you will find it enough effective be it for crops or for other crowds. Hope shades are mostly built with shade cloth and PVC pipe. You can set them up easily just before the beginning of a party. Moreover, you can also keep them for long term use as well.

Yes to a yurt:

It’s is a round, tent-like structure that is mostly used by wandering Mongolians for housing. In modern eras, yurt has become popular among the North American people. You will find them putting up yurt as an alternate shade option to be used in the deck or patio. Not only that, it has also been loved much for its versatility as well as sturdiness.

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