DIY Budget Friendly Ideas For backyard landscaping

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Who does not like some DIY activity at home? It is even more fun when the entire family or a bunch of close friends are involved. With winter season passing us by, soon the flowers will be in full bloom again while the pretty birds chirp their sweet songs on top of the trees.

What better time can it be to go all DIY in your backyard? One of the most fun ways to make your backyard look cool and attractive for parties is to implement DIY budget friendly ideas for backyard landscaping.

You will not even need to buy new things to give your plain old backyard a whole new look, as you can easily make use of recycled stuff such as tires, broken branches, newspapers, etc and whatnot.

There are tons of backyard landscaping ideas, which we are going to discuss about in this article today!

So let us not waste any more time and get started right away!

1. For starters, let us take a look at some of the things you can do with recycled materials such as tires and wood.

You can easily paint tires you will not need anymore in fancy colors and hang them from high tree branches with the help of strong and durable ropes. This way, you can easily create a makeshift swing for your little ones.

On the other hand, you can also stack the painted and recycled tires and turn them into DIY planters! If you want, you can also hang your tire planter onto the walls or doors in your backyard, giving it a cool and chic appearance.

2. A whole lot of people are now opting for vertical gardens! Vertical gardens are not only pretty and chic, but they can act as great backdrops for family pictures.

If you do not have a nice fence or wall and want to cover it up, simply start planting your flowers vertically with the help of recyclable bottles and shelves. All you will probably need are some paint, glue and your desired flowers.

Vertical gardening is a rising trend now due to limited space in our homes. This kind of gardening is also very budget friendly since you will not need too many tools either. Hence, vertical gardening is quite famous among youngsters these days too.

For vertical gardening, you can also make use of old cans which you can easily fill up with fertilizer and soil. Hang them with some rope or attach the cans to the background with some glue and you will be good to go!

Another innovative alternative can be to put those old and empty photo frames into work. Paint them up if you want and cover them with some dry flowers. Add in some lavender to get that fun pop of color.

3. Cover the ground with some budget friendly mulch. It will surely reduce the chances of weed growing into your garden, and also make your backyard look very pretty and cool.

If you cannot afford mulch, go for other fun and cheap alternatives such as different shaped and sized stones, dry shredded autumn leaves, compost, etc.

Some people even go out of their way by layering the ground with old newspapers. Afterwards, you can just cover those layers of newspaper with some soil for the seeds and you will be good to go!

4. Another fun way to change up your backyard landscape is to add a splash of color all over. This is a very fun thing to do as you can also involve kids here.

Simply just paint the empty and boring patio and turn it into something funky and cool by letting your imagination run wild!

To make it even better, you can also throw in some cute chairs and coffee tables into that patio and maybe include a makeshift camp for the kids. The possibilities are endless with backyard landscaping!

5. Create your very own fire pit! There is nothing more enjoyable than having smores with your loved ones under the brightly lit stars at night. Some of the best experiences and conversations take place while roasting marshmallows in a fire pit!

You will not need any professional help in building your own outdoor fire pit. Simply just get a few concrete blocks, a few cinder caps, a concrete made fire bowl, and make a fire ring of your own with some leftover woods.

Not only is making an outdoor backyard fire pit fun, but it can also be prove to be a great workout when you’re setting the entire thing up! Just do maintain some basic caution though since you do not want a joyous moment to turn into something dangerous and risky for the entire family!

6.  Throw in some fairy lights! What can be more magical and beautiful than having fairy lights all lit up in your backyard? The soft and sparkling glow of fairy lights can easily turn a boring backyard into something fun and not to mention romantic!

If you want to be a little more innovative, try DIY-ing your way out with the same fairy lights. One fun idea you can put to action is to use mason jars in your backyard.

You can easily drill a hole through the lids of the mason jars so that the containers can hang with the help of the fairy lights. This way, you will get something that looks similar to a lantern!

It is pretty, affordable and not to mention very innovative! Fairy lights are the most inexpensive ideas for backyard landscaping.


With our lives rushing by in this highly competitive world, sometimes all we need is to take a breather and enjoy some quality family time.

In this case, the backyard is the best place to be. We hope you had a fun time reading this article about DIY Budget Friendly Ideas for Backyard Landscaping and that it proved to be of some help to you and to your loved ones.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this article!

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