Solo Stove Canyon vs Yukon

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Choosing between the Solo Stove Canyon vs Yukon can be a little confusing. After all, the Canyon was once known as the Yukon!

The Solo Stove Yukon was originally named the Yukon 30″. This name change and a slightly smaller size are part of the evolution of the Yukon, which is now a 27-inch fire pit. As expected from Solo Stove, the quality remains consistent.

The Solo Stove Canyon is a 30-inch diameter version of the Yukon. It used to be named Yukon 30″ but has been renamed Canyon. The Canyon has been retired by Solo Stove. You can buy the Canyon from select retailers such as Scheels. Accessories can be purchased online at Solo Stove.

Solo Stove Canyon vs Yukon

solo stove canyon and yukon comparison

The Yukon 2 is, in 2023, now Solo Stove’s largest fire pit. Designed for durability and community gatherings, it offers a smokeless burn like the Canyon.

The Yukon 2 delivers high heat output, ideal for chilly evenings. It accommodates logs ranging from 4 to 6 inches in diameter, ensuring a long-lasting blaze. The Yukon Ultimate Bundle includes a stainless steel fire pit, stand, and shield for controlled burning.

Head-to-Head Comparison:

 Solo Stove CanyonSolo Stove Yukon
Height without stand16”17”
Height with stand18″18″
Diameter30-inch exterior, 27.25-inch interior27-inch exterior, 23-inch interior
Weight44 Ibs41.6 Ibs
Log sizeUp to 27” longUp to 23″ long
What’s in the Box?Stainless steel fire pit, stand, shelter (when purchased in a bundle at Scheels)Fire Pit only, unless purchasing a bundle

Physical Differences

The Canyon and Yukon share a height of 18″ with their stands. The Canyon is 30 inches in diameter, weighs 44 lbs and accommodates logs 27″ long.

The Yukon is 3 inches smaller at 27 inches in diameter. The Yukon weighs 41.6 lbs and can handle logs up to 23 inches long.

Common Features

The Canyon and Yukon offer similar benefits thanks to their innovative, smokeless designs. They efficiently convert wood to fuel, elevating your outdoor experience. Understanding these commonalities simplifies the Canyon vs. Yukon decision.

Turning to the Canyon, this stove is designed for backyard and outdoor adventures. When you light a fire in the Canyon, smoke is a non-issue, thanks to its intelligent design and superior construction.

Signature 360-Degree Airflow Design

Both the Solo Stove Bonfire and Yukon feature a 360-degree Airflow Design. This innovative feature ensures efficient combustion and minimal smoke, elevating your outdoor experience. The design allows for a visible and warm fire from every angle.

304 Stainless Steel Construction

Whether you choose the Canyon or the Yukon, Solo Stove fire pits are made from 304 Stainless Steel. This material offers rust resistance, high strength, and durability. A removable base plate and ash pan make relocation easy, ensuring your fire pit withstands the elements year-round.


The Yukon models come with a lifetime warranty, offering peace of mind for your investment. The Canyon has a 10-year warranty listed on the Scheels website.

Solo Stove stands behind its products, whether you encounter a malfunction or damage from use. This warranty confirms that these fire pits are not short-term solutions but long-term investments.

See the Sizes Compared in this Video:


The Yukon and Canyon are fuel-efficient, requiring minimal wood to maintain a robust fire. Their heat output is exceptional, ensuring a warm outdoor experience. Their near-smokeless operation notably eliminates the need to dodge smoke, keeping the air fresh.

User Experience

Setting up these stoves is straightforward, thanks to clear instructions. Maintenance is minimal due to fewer components, making clean-up hassle-free. Customer service from Solo Stove is responsive and helpful, addressing large and small issues.

Price and Value

The Canyon is slightly higher priced than the Yukon due to its larger size. The Canyon is exclusively available from Scheels, while accessories like the Solo Stove Heat Deflector can be purchased from Solo Stove or Amazon. Bundled deals are also available for both models.

The Yukon has more accessories available than the Canyon. You can buy cooking hubs and different cast iron tops to cook on top of the Yukon effectively. It comes in eight color choices vs only stainless steel for the Canyon.

User Testimonials

One Yukon user praises its “gorgeous design,” “nearly indestructible” build, and ease of mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

solo stove yukon colors vs canyon

Is the Solo Stove Yukon worth it?

The Solo Stove Yukon is often considered worth the investment due to its efficient, smokeless design and high-quality 304 stainless steel construction. Its performance and durability make it popular for those seeking a premium outdoor fire pit.

Why did Solo Stove make the Yukon smaller?

The Yukon 30-inch model was made smaller based on customer feedback and problems with shipping. It would frequently arrive dented and weighed approximately 45 lbs. Solo Stove was able to fix this problem by reducing the diameter by 3 inches.

Is the Yukon the Biggest Solo Stove?

The Canyon 30-inch fire pit is the biggest Solo Stove, and is available at select retailers. The Yukon 27-inch fire pit is the biggest you can purchase directly from Solo Stove.

What is the most popular Solo Stove size?

The most popular Solo Stove size is the Bonfire model. Its mid-range size balances portability and performance, making it versatile for various outdoor activities.

Final Verdict

The Yukon and Canyon are high-quality products featuring 360-degree Airflow design and 304 Stainless Steel construction. The Yukon is the most current fire pit model and is available with a wide range of accessories.

Given that Solo Stove has phased out the Canyon and continued improving the Yukon, there’s not much to decide between. The Yukon is our recommendation, as the latest product, is the most flexible with accessories, cooking, and colors.

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