DIY Weed Killer Using Vinegar Epsom Salt and Dawn

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Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and there is nothing more horrible for gardeners than having to come across weeds growing in their garden!

When these weeds arise in your beautiful gardens, the first thought you might have is “How do I get rid of them?” and honestly opting for commercial weed killers sounds like a pretty splendid idea at first.

But trust us, chemically induced weed killers are not that good for your precious plants! They have harmful toxins which not only kill the weeds, but can also affect the surrounding healthy plants. We do not think you will want to deal with the nightmare of having to watch your perfectly healthy plants dying all of a sudden!

Hence, a lot of people nowadays opt for DIY weed killers. We know, it does sound a little shady at first but honestly it is actually really effective in what it does. The best part with anything DIY is that most of the ingredients are already what you have stored away in your pantry.

Therefore, sit tight and continue learning about how to make your very own DIY Weed Killer with just some vinegar, epsom salt and dawn!

This eco-friendly and highly ergonomic homemade weed killer will probably cost you less than 4 dollars! All you need to make this weed killer are:

  • A gallon of vinegar (apply cider vinegar will be more beneficial)
  • 2 cups of epsom salt ( you can also use your regular salt if you do not have epsom salt)
  • 1/4th a cup of dawn (dish soap)
  • And lastly a spray bottle or container for the mixture.

You do not necessarily need apple cider vinegar for this DIY weed killer mixture as white vinegar will work perfectly fine too. However, even if the results will be the same, apple cider vinegar tends to work much faster in killing the unwanted weeds.

On the other hand, the dish soap is also not harmful at all since you will only be using a few drops. The dish washing soap will work to stick the vinegar and salt to the weeds so that they get absorbed properly.

If you want, you can also use any other salt for this cause, however epsom salt is much better for its high qualities and minerals.

Pet Safe Weed Killing


Once you have all the ingredients required for this weed killer by your side, start by pouring in all the contents into a container or bottle with the help of a funnel.

You will want to use a clean and empty bottle for this cause. Make sure it does not have any chemical remnants if you are making use of a recycled commercial bottle for dye or window cleaner. However it is better if you transfer the prepared mixture into an unused or a new spray bottle for this anyways.

It is better if you start by pouring in the salt and vinegar at first. You should make sure to shake the mixture properly afterwards and then allow it to sit for a few hours. This way, the salt can completely dissolve into the vinegar. The mixture should not take more than an hour or half to get properly dissolved.

Next, pour in 1/4th of dawn (dish soap) into the vinegar and epsom salt mixture. Put on the lid and shake well for a 10 to 30 seconds so that the dish soap also dissolves completely.

Once you are done with the mixture, put on your gloves and face mask and head out to your garden/lawn for the treatment.

Unlike chemically induced weed killers, this DIY weed killer is completely harmless if it happens to come in contact with kids and pets.

Hence, you will not be required to stress yourself out by keeping your loved ones away from you when you work on the lawn treatment. In fact, you can also include them in and teach them how to treat the garden too!

Coming to the treatment, you will want to spray a bit more onto the bigger and more matured weeds as they might need a bit more exposure to be properly eliminated. The best thing about this DIY weed killer is that it is not harmful even if you use it a couple of times for concentrated spot treatments.

Once the treatment is complete, you will see that the weeds have died within 3 to 4 hours after exposure.


For best results, make sure to implement this treatment on a sunny and bright day as this DIY weed killer works best under brightly lit conditions.

If you live in a cold environment, getting the sun can be quite difficult. Hence, for those living in cold and cloudy environments, you should work when the soil is slightly moist. Unless there is enough sunlight exposure, you will want to make sure that the weed killer penetrates the ground one way or the other.

This DIY weed killer with vinegar, epsom salt and dawn is not only economically friendly but it is also quite safe for the environment. You will also not have to worry about harmful substances damaging the other surrounding plants or your loved ones near the garden.

The best thing about this DIY weed killer is that it takes no longer than a day to show great results. Small weeds will die within the first few hours of the day while bigger weeds might take 5 to 6 hours only.

You can also use this DIY weed killer on the unwanted weeds that grow on the sidewalks of your lawn. Those weeds tend to be harder to pull out, but this weed killer works just fine in eliminating them!


So there you have it! Thank you so much for reading this article and we hope it proved to be of help to you. Say goodbye to chemically induced weed killers and opt for this safe, ergonomic and eco-friendly weed killer created with simple ingredients found in every pantry!

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