How to Screen in a Patio

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It’s okay to think of screening in patio or porch when you own one. Because this is how you can keep the bugs at bay and enjoy a calm environment.

You may have made up your mind but there is one thing that can pull you back. And that is, having no idea where to start from.

Screening in a patio requires patience, efforts and time. And if you are an experienced DIYer, you can do the job properly.

For this, we though to help you with the steps on how to screen in a porch or patio through which you can create a safe setting.

Materials required

To set up a tighter, secured porch screen, you’ll need:

  • Rubber or vinyl screen spline
  • Fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl screen
  • A drill or screwdriver
  • 1-inch wooded or sheet-rock screws
  • A roller knife and a utility knife
  • A rubber mallet
  • Cap
  • Screen base

You will get all the supplies at your nearest local hardware store. The cost will vary from store to store.

Buying the Right Materials

At first, you need to calculate how much material you’ll need. You can outline a diagram of the patio and then multiply width by a wall’s height so you can get the measurement of the screen required. Make sure to add 10 percent to make up the waste.

Bases should be in 8-feet sections. Hence, have each of the frames measured vertically and horizontally. After that, add 10 percent so you can trim for length.  Space the base in such so that you do not have more than 2-inch room between the end of the base and the end screw.

However, there are different options of materials to consider. Here are some:

  • You’ll need two different sized bases. For 4×4-inch beams, you will need 3.5-inch width. And for 2×4’s, you will need 1.5-inch width.
  • You can consider having fiberglass screen since it handles easily and stretches tightly. Moreover, you will also find it comparatively inexpensive. Although they come in a variety of colors, you can take black into consideration because of its great temperature control and visibility.
  • Make sure the spline measures 0.175 diameter for fiberglass screen and 0.160 diameter for aluminum screen.
  • Cap trim is mostly available in brown, beige, white and grey. Look for one that will best suit the home.

After you gather all the materials and tools, get ready to start. Make sure that you take at least 2 days to finish the job in nice weather. Now let’s know how to screen in a porch.

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Screening the Patio

Step 1: 

Take out any old screen from the patio at first which includes staples, screws, nails and battens. And then, clear the frame for installing base strips.

Step 2: 

With screws, mount those base strips to the wall. Watch out, don’t over tighten that can end up bending the strips. No need to worry of mitering the edges as they can overlay.

Step 3: 

Cut a part of the screen that will be bigger than the opening. After that, have the top horizontal side rolled into the base with a screen spline and roller knife.

Step 4: 

Then have each vertical side rolled into place by keeping the screen tight and centered as much as possible. Next, pull the screen tightly and roll the bottom horizontal side into the base.

Step 5: 

It’s alright if you have created a fold or wrinkle at the screen. You can start again by pulling out the spline. Just make sure that the screen remains tight, fold or wrinkle free and flat as much as possible. Have the extra screen or other loose materials trimmed.

Step 6: 

Put the cap over the base. Using a rubber mallet, tap the cap down. This will cover the ends of the screen. Pull it tight and give the porch a completed look.

This is how you can screen in a patio. If you want to maintain the screens or make repairs, then you can do the job by taking out cap gently with a screwdriver.

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Some Question Answers! 

Q: Do you need a pro?

Yes, you will need a professional because installing screen isn’t an easy job. Doing it wrong will require repairing and maintenance more frequently. Hence, it will be better if you hire someone and get it done right for the first time, particularly when you are not an experienced DIYer.

Q: How much does it cost to screen in a patio?

Patio screens come with a variety of options and thus the cost will range greatly. It doesn’t matter what size patio you have or why you wish to set it up, you will be able to find an ideal screen for the patio.

Majority of the screen patios come in roughly 200f. So, expect to spend around USD1,056 for screening in a patio.

Here is a table that we have though to provide you with so you can know the price of each screen types.

Patio screen type Starting price approximately
Fiberglass USD 0.15/sf
Aluminum USD 0.25/sf
Noseeum USD 0.25/sf
Vinyl-Coated Polyester USD 0.45/sf
Bronze USD 0.90/sf
Stainless Steel USD 1.00/sf
Solar USD 1.20/sf
Pet Screen USD 1.25/sf
Brass USD 6.00/sf
Copper USD 7.00/sf

Note: This price has been estimated assuming that you already own a patio in place.

Moreover, when you will hire a professional, there will be more cost for their labor. But don’t skimp. While some of the pros would charge as low as a few 100 bucks, some will charge as high as 3000 bucks. It is advisable to avoid going for cheaper contractor because it bring you nothing but cheap result.

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