Best Garden Sprayer of 2024: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Anyone who has ever attempted to grow a garden knows that it requires some effort to keep it thriving.

For instance, many plants die early because of diseases, pests, and other harmful elements.

Don’t worry. You can fight these off with numerous liquid treatments.

The best way to apply them to your plants is by using the best garden sprayer you can find out there.

We’ll save you the trouble of browsing the internet for hours; here are your best options and how they will help your garden grow.

Comparison Chart

Chapin International 1002 48-Oz Multi-Purpose Sprayer
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Itisll Portable Garden Pump Sprayer
Smith Performance Sprayers R200 2-Gallon Compression Sprayer
410jfVl6rOL. SL500
VIVOSUN 1.35 Gallon Pump Pressure Sprayer
315JetpiuKL. SL500
Scotts 190567 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump Zero Technology Sprayer

Best Garden Sprayer Reviews

1. Chapin International 1002 Sprayer

Chapin International has long been known to be an indispensable brand that helps gardeners with their irrigation, spreading, and disinfecting needs.

Lately, they’ve also been expanding their arsenals with sprayers. Ergo, allow us to introduce you to the Chapin International 1002 Sprayer.

Product Highlights

This garden sprayer can hold up to 48 ounces of liquid, which is about 0.375 gallons.

The translucent container is made of durable materials, allowing it to hold all kinds of pesticides, cleaning solutions, weed killers, and even fertilizers.

You can remove the entire top portion if you ever need to clean or refill the sprayer.

This top portion is also where you’ll find the handle and the nozzle, which you can adjust the nozzle to alter its spraying pattern.

The sprayer can deliver the liquid at a force of around 40 to 60 PSI.

The Good

The first thing we loved about this garden sprayer is that the container is translucent.

It’s a beneficial feature since you don’t want to be way out in your backyard only to find little to no solution left in your bottle.

We also love that you can adjust the nozzle to switch to different spraying patterns.

This one in particular lets you use two; one is mist spray, and the other is stream spray.

This feature allows you to use the sprayer to water flowers and target specific areas or things like weeds.

Despite being a handheld sprayer, it’s surprisingly powerful.

At 40 to 60 PSI, the Chapin International 1002 Sprayer tops other popular products on the market right now.

The Bad

One problem we found about this sprayer is that it can only hold up to 48 ounces of liquid.

While that’s sufficient for small gardens, it may not be the best choice if you’re tending to a larger yard.


  • Translucent
  • High-density polyethylene material
  • Two spraying patterns
  • High pressure


  • Only holds 43 ounces of liquid

2. Itisll Portable Garden Pump Sprayer

41lNjWtIfLL. SL500

Whether you’re looking for a pump pressure sprayer, a handheld garden sprayer, or an extension brass garden sprayer, we’re certain that Itisll has one for your needs.

They specialize in these products, and we found one that will surely give you the best bang for your buck.

Here’s the Itisll Portable Garden Pump Sprayer.

Product Highlights

This multipurpose sprayer can hold up to two gallons of liquid.

It includes a 20-inch brass telescope wand that you can extend up to 36 inches.

You’ll find an adjustable nozzle at the end of the wand that allows you to switch to two spray patterns; fine mist and strong stream.

On the other end of the wand is the handle where the trigger is.

It includes a locking mechanism that presses the trigger for continuous spraying.

At the bottom of the handle is a hose that connects it to the container.

The container is made from high-quality polyethylene. On top of this container is the pressure bar.

You can pull it up and pump the container to increase the pressure inside the container.

On each side of the container are two safety pressure release valves.

Besides these valves are connectors that attach to the strap, letting you carry the container with your shoulders.

The Good

First of all, we love that this garden sprayer can carry up to two gallons of water.

It reduces the need to refill them often when you’re spraying your plants.

Additionally, the extendable brass wand lets you reach tight spaces that a handheld garden sprayer can’t.

The locking mechanism should also reduce hand fatigue because you don’t have to press the trigger continuously.

Since it’s made out of polyethylene, you can guarantee that it can hold some of the most potent chemicals used in gardening.

Lastly, the strap that allows you to carry it is obviously a huge advantage because you don’t have to drag anything around.

The Bad

While the Itisll Portable Garden Pump Sprayer is already an outstanding product, we believe it could still be improved.

For instance, a bracket attached to the container that can hold the wand would certainly be useful.

It could free both of your hands and help you conduct other gardening chores.


  • High capacity
  • Extendable brass wand
  • High-quality polyethylene material
  • Includes a strap
  • Safety features
  • Two-spray patterns


  • No bracket to hold the wand

3. Smith Performance R200 Sprayer


Smith Performance specializes in countless sprayers used in various fields.

Whether it’s for construction, cleaning, restoration, pest control, or agriculture, they have a sprayer that should help you get the job done.

That’s why we didn’t want you to miss out on the Smith Performance R200 Sprayer. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Product Highlights

This professional-grade sprayer can carry up to two gallons of liquid.

It includes a 21-inch wand made out of stainless steel.

The wand has a poly lining and Viton seal to resist any possible degradation caused by the chemical you’re using.

It also has a lock-on feature that allows it to continuously release the content of the sprayer without having to press the trigger manually.

The sprayer also comes with four nozzle fittings that change the device’s spray pattern.

Likewise, the pressure bar is highly-efficient, requiring 25% fewer pumps to increase the pressure inside the container.

You’ll also find a strap connected to the top portion of the container that lets you carry the sprayer on your shoulders.

On each side of the container are pressure release valves, while at the base, you’ll find a dedicated tear-drop dent that holds the wand when not in use.

The Good

The first thing we loved about this sprayer is the amount of liquid it could hold.

Additionally, the incredible construction of the wand sure does lessen your worries about whether or not it can handle more potent chemicals.

The lock-on feature also helps reduce hand fatigue since you don’t have to manually and continuously press onto the trigger.

We also love that it offers up to four spray patterns by changing the nozzle on the wand.

The strap is also a great feature because it lets you carry the sprayer around your garden with ease.

Lastly, we love that the manufacturer made it a point to include a storage feature for the wand so you can free your hands when you’re not spraying.

The Bad

If there’s anything we didn’t like about this sprayer, it’s the nozzle.

You have to detach it from the wand and reattach a different one if you want a different spray pattern.

The fact that the nozzles are rather small increases the chances of losing them. Make sure that you store them properly.


  • Professional-grade
  • High-quality wand
  • Continuous spraying
  • Four spray patterns
  • Efficient pressure bar
  • Included strap


  • Non-extendable wand
  • Need to detach the nozzle to change the spray pattern

4. VIVOSUN Pump Pressure Sprayer

410jfVl6rOL. SL500

VIVOSUN has been making some of the most advanced technological equipment and growing tools for the past ten years.

With their degree of dedication to producing cutting-edge tools, they made sure that they have a sprayer for all the green thumbs out there.

Here’s why the VIVOSUN Pump Pressure Sprayer deserves to be in your gardening arsenal.

Product Highlights

This multi-functional sprayer can hold up to two gallons of liquid.

Attached to the container is a 20-inch wand with a locking mechanism on the trigger.

You can twist or adjust the head of the nozzle to switch the spraying pattern from fine mist to direct injection.

At the bottom of the wand is a 50-inch hose that connects it to the container.

The top portion of the container is a bowl-shaped mouth for refilling its content.

It is also where you’ll find the pressure bar.

Below the bowl-shaped mouth are two separate pressure release valves.

The notches underneath these valves allow you to attach a strap to carry the sprayer on your shoulders.

The Good

What we really love about this sprayer is that just at first glance, you know that it is of premium quality.

The 20-inch wand also lets you reach tight spaces and cover a wider area in your garden.

Its locking mechanism will also help reduce hand fatigue for continuous spraying.

The two spray patterns are also significantly helpful to gardeners because they can maximize the reach of the wand and spray over multiple plants at once.

They could also only spray the content to a specific area.

If you’re tired of carrying the sprayer on your shoulders, you can always just leave it on the ground.

The 50-inch hose should still allow you to walk a few feet away from the sprayer.

We also loved that they actually used a bowl-shaped mouth.

This feature functions as a funnel to easily refill the contents of the sprayer and make sure that you don’t spill anything.

The Bad

The first thing we didn’t like about this sprayer is that the wand is not extendable.

Additionally, there is also no storage option where you can place the wand to free your hand when you’re not spraying.


  • Two gallons
  • Locking mechanism on the wand
  • Switchable spraying patterns
  • Long hose
  • Bowl-shaped mouth
  • Included strap


  • Non-extendable
  • No storage option for wand

5. Scotts Battery-Powered Sprayer

315JetpiuKL. SL500

Scotts is a brand name that caters to all the needs of a typical gardener.

Whether you’re looking for fertilizers, grass seeds, cleaning solutions, or sprayers, Scotts will provide you with the best quality products you can find.

To prove their expertise in this field, here’s the Scotts Battery-Powered Sprayer and why it’ll improve your gardening experience.

Product Highlights

As the name suggests, this sprayer runs on a battery, specifically lithium-ion.

It’s completely rechargeable and functions for up to 12 hours on one full charge.

Also, its 21-inch wand is lined with Viton seals and includes a lock-on feature for continuous spraying.

The nozzle on the wand is adjustable, and you can switch to three spraying patterns: fan, stream, and cone.

The wand is attached to the container through a high-quality hose that is about the same length as the wand.

You can remove the top portion of the container, which also holds the battery, so that you can refill its contents.

The top portion also includes a closed hook that lets you store the wand where it rests on the notch at the bottom of the container.

You’ll also find a pressure release valve opposite the hose attachment.

The Good

What really sets this sprayer apart from all the other sprayers on this list is it’s battery-powered.

That means you don’t have to pump the sprayer manually to increase the pressure.

As the liquid goes out of the container, the air is pumped in through the compressor.

The fact that it runs for 12 hours on one full charge also lets you cover your entire garden without worrying about the battery draining.

The three spray patterns should also let you use the sprayer for various purposes.

We also love that they included a storage option so that you can free your hands if you’re not using it.

The Bad

While this is already an outstanding product, we feel it falls short in hose length.

If you feel the need to leave the sprayer on the ground because it’s too heavy, the hose is rather short to actually let you move around.


  • High capacity
  • Battery-powered
  • 12 hours runtime
  • Durable wand
  • Comes with a wand storage


  • Non-extendable wand
  • Short hose

How to Choose a Garden Sprayer

Before officially deciding which one’s the best garden sprayer, let’s talk about what you need to look for when choosing one.


First of all, keep in mind that you will rigorously expose the sprayer to all sorts of chemicals.

Ergo, you want to make sure that it can withstand all of these.

The material of the body and the wand should both be chemical-resistant.


This feature often depends on the size of the garden you’re tending to.

If you have a small one, you could probably settle for 0.5-gallon sprayers.

On the other hand, a two-gallon or higher sprayer is required if you have large backyard gardens.


When you’re spraying over your plants, you aren’t staying in just one spot.

You need to carry the sprayer with you wherever you go to make sure you get to cover all the plants.

That’s why portability is an important aspect. Make sure the sprayer is relatively easy to carry around.


Lastly, you want to take note of the nozzle or the spraying patterns it offers.

Generally, you will need two patterns. The first is cone- or fan-style for plants, and the other is stream-style for targeting specific areas.

Nonetheless, the more spraying patterns the sprayer offers, the better for you.

FAQs About Garden Sprayers

1. Is it okay to leave solutions or chemicals inside the container?

While the materials used in the tanks are chemical-resistant, they’re not chemical-proof.

That means they will still suffer, albeit unnoticeable, on a small scale from these chemicals.

Ergo, it’s best to wash and clean your sprayer after using it.

2. What are the most common types of garden sprayers?

First, you have handheld sprayers that can hold up to 0.5 gallons of liquid.

Secondly, you have hose-end sprayers that you can attach to a regular garden hose.

Then you have the tank sprayers that use internal pressure to pump liquid out of the container.

Lastly, you have the backpack sprayer, which is basically a tank sprayer that you can carry on your back.

3. Do I need safety gear when using my garden sprayer?

It depends on what you’re using it for. If the content is just water, you probably don’t need advanced gardening safety gear.

On the other hand, if you’re using strong chemicals, we suggest that you wear gloves, safety goggles, and a respirator.

4. How do I clean my garden sprayer?

First, make sure that you properly dispose of its chemical content.

Next, pour an ample amount of dishwashing liquid into the container and cover it.

Make sure not to pressurize it.

Shake the tank to let the soap reach every inch of the sprayer’s interior, and rinse it with water.

Repeat this cycle once more but for the second time, pressurize it.

Then, pump the content through the wand to clean the hose and the wand.

5. What other purposes can I use my garden sprayer for?

You can use your garden sprayer for cleaning your car, yard, or windows.

Additionally, you can use it to paint different areas of your home.

Just clean it thoroughly once you’re done, especially if you plan to use it again for gardening.

Which Among the Garden Sprayers Should I Choose?

We’ve finally reached a verdict. Upon considering all the features of the products above, we believe that the Scotts Battery-Powered Sprayer is the victor.

The absence of the manual pump combined with the multi-functional nozzle and wand storage are undoubtedly helpful and convenient.

On the other hand, if you’re tending to a smaller garden and would like to stick to a smaller budget, the Chapin International 1002 Sprayer should do the trick, given that it’s compact, portable, and handheld.

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